For a long long time Fergie was tucked away in a barn, dusty and forgotten. Because nowadays, farmers don’t really need tractors like Fergie in the daily work on the farm. They have big machines to take care of things.

One day some scrap dealers came to clear the barn. They discovered Fergie and wanted to take him away to crush him and sell him in pieces. Fortunately, Gramps and Farmer George discovered it all and stopped them. But the scrap dealer said that they will come back.

Fergie is happy to be back at the Farm even though he is not a part of the daily work. But Fergie knows that he can still be helpful. And his favourite thing is doing good deeds that nobody knows about, and seeing how happy he can make his friends on the farm. But he has to be careful so that nobody sees that he is alive.

Fergie is always a bit scared that the scrap dealers are going to come back and snatch him away and sell him as scrap metal. But he’s a very brave tractor, and he’s always ready with a clever plan... And with help from his good friend, Clunky the Scarecrow, they can both help on the farm and fool the scrap dealers.


Fergie is our hero! The little grey tractor who can move all by himself. He’s a curious tractor, and loves thinking of ways to be useful on the farm as long as nobody see that he is alive.

Farmer George made the robot Clunky to help out with chores around the farm. Clunky is very clever and practical, he’s always helping Fergie with his plans. But always in secret.

Gramps found Fergie in the barn and scrubbed and polished him until he looked brand new! He loves the old farming ways, and is always very sensible.

George is good-natured, friendly and loves his work running the farm. He enjoys eating well and is a bit lazy, so he’s always trying to invent things to make his life easier, and funnier.

Daisy is a smart, resourceful girl who works as a farm hand (but really, she pretty much runs everything). She loves learning about everything to do with farming. She grows vegetables and love animals (especially rabbits and piglets).

The scrap dealers are the villains in Fergie’s world. They only want to make money, and they’ll steal anything to get more of it! Hubert is the meanest - he’s big, he thinks he’s smart, and he’s pretty scary... Hubert hates taking baths.

Hieronemus is the older and more simple-minded scrap dealer. He’s easily distracted, and always seems to end up ruining Hubert’s schemes. He loves junk food and sweets.


Who is Fergie? You might recognise Fergie. He’s famous all over the world as Massey Ferguson’s legendary Ferguson-TE20 tractor, which revolutionised farming in the 1950s. He’s a well-loved icon with a rich history, instantly recognisable to anyone who knows their way around a farmyard.

Long before Little Grey Fergie got eyes, and was given life, he was a tractor with a soul. We know he has a special place in the hearts of his many fans, and it´s so fun to introduce him to new generations.



Tatton Park – which is located in Cheshire – is managed and financed by Cheshire East Council on behalf of the National Trust. It offers a large annual children’s learning programme, as well as a Field to Fork story, educating families around farming life and demonstrating how food can sustainability go from ‘field to fork’.

Little Grey Fergie will be included as part of farm-oriented work towards children and schools, as well as entertainment via shows and performances also involving the character’s friends Clunky, Gramps, Daisy and Farmer George.


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